lab- and labh- (?), lap(h)-

    lab- and labh- (?), lap(h)-
    English meaning: to sip, chaw, etc..
    Deutsche Übersetzung: ‘schlũrfend, schnalzend, schmatzend lecken”
    Note: schallmalend (compare das similar lak-)
    Material: Arm. lap”el “lick”; Gk. λαφύσσω “verschlinge” (-ph-? or *labhuk-i̯ō, dem Slav. lobьz-ati näherstehend?); λάπτω “lecke schlũrfend” is secondary besides old λάψειν, λάψαι; Alb. lap “lecke water”; Lat. lambō, -ere “lick”; O.H.G. laffan (luof) “lick”, O.H.G. leffil ‘spoon”, M.L.G. lepel ds. (: Goth. *lapins, from which O.Pruss. lapinis borrowed); O.E. lapian “drink, slurp “, O.S. lapa ds. (*lapōn), Mod.Ice. Nor. lepja ‘schlũrfend lick as ein Hund” = M.H.G. leffen “lick, slurp “, O.H.G. gilepfen ds.; intensive. M.H.G. Ger. lappen ds. behaves to schlappen as lecken “lick” to schlecken; besides Ger. dial. labbe “lip”, labern ‘slow, oafish talk; leckend drink”, Ser.-Cr. lȁbati “ swig as Hunde or Katzen” under likewise; here perhaps Russ. dial. lopa “ devourer “, lopatь “ devour “; Bulg. lápam “ devour, schlinge”, etc.; also O.Bulg. lobъzati “kiss” (“*schmatzen”)? Maybe Alb. lopë “cow (eating a lot of grass?)”
    References: WP. II 383 f., WH. I 754, Wissmann nom. postverb. 72 f.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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